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Message ID: 3638     Entry time: Fri Oct 1 18:19:24 2010
Author: josephb, kiwamu 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: c1sus work 

The c1sus model was split into 2, so that c1sus controls BS, PRM, SRM, ITMX, ITMY, while c1mcs controls MC1, MC2, MC3.  The c1mcs uses shared memory to tell c1sus what signals to the binary outputs (which control analog whitening/dewhitening filters), since two models can't control a binary output.

This split was done because the CPU time was running above 60 microseconds (the limit allowable since we're trying to run at 16kHz). Apparently the work Alex had done getting testpoints working had put a greater load on the cpu and pushed it over an acceptable maximum.    After removing the MC optics controls, the CPU time dropped to about 47 microseconds from about 67 microseconds.  The c1mcs is taking about 20 microseconds per cycle.

The new model is using the top_names functionality to still call the channels C1SUS-XXX_YYY.  However, the directory to find the actual medm filter modules is /opt/rtcds/caltech/c1/medm/c1mcs, and the gds testpoint screen for that model is called C1MCS-GDS_TP.adl.  I'm currently in the process of updating the medm screens to point to the correct location.

Also, while plugging in the cables from the coil dewhitening boards, we realized I (Joe) had made a mistake in the assignment of channels to the binary output boards.  I need to re-examine Jay's old drawings and fix the simulink model binary outputs.

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