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Message ID: 3556     Entry time: Fri Sep 10 02:35:30 2010
Author: rana, kiwamu, valera, tara 
Type: Configuration 
Category: PSL 
Subject: update 

Over the last couple nights we got the beam into the FSS path and all the way to the IMC and out onto the AP table.

Tara and Valera have calculated a mode-matching solution for the reference cavity. It utilizes only a single lens between the AOM and the reference cavity. Valera and Steve will move the reference cavity into place in the morning.

We noticed that the layout was too tight on the end going into the MC and so we adjusted the angle of the final zig-zag. This will put the final mode-matching lens in between the final steering mirrors (which is generally undesirable) but the lens in this case is only f=400 mm. In addition, this lens may provide some more decoupling between the steering mirrors.

The whole layout has to be a little adjusted because of a calculation mistake I made in the mode-matching. I used only the nominal focal lengths from the CVI catalog and not the effective one. For the UV-grade fused silica lenses, the effective focal length is actually 20-30% longer. Today we measured that the "f=200 mm" lens we got is actually f = 238 mm. The BK7 lenses are much closer to the nominal.

We also replaced the Klinger mount ahead of the PMC with a Polanski style so that we could get the PMC REFL beam out without hitting the mount. Valera will continue to refine this section on the weekend.

Tomorrow, we will lock the MC using feedback only to the NPRO. The 0-150 V piezo driver is on the PSL table ready for action.

I also got a LCD video monitor from Frank and hooked it up on the PSL table. If we like this kind of thing, we can get many of them. They are pretty cheap. It would be handy to have 3-4 of them on the PSL and one on every of the ISC tables. They take the standard video for input and need +12V for power. Right now the one in there is looking at the PMC transmission.

The Omnigraffle layout as of tonight is attached.

Attachment 1: 40mPSL.pdf  980 kB  Uploaded Fri Sep 10 03:37:24 2010  | Hide | Hide all
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