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Message ID: 355     Entry time: Tue Mar 4 10:08:21 2008
Author: rob 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: green lights unreliable when c0daqctrl down 

So far I've tried powering off the framebuilder, power-cycling the RAID (it was showing an error message about bad IDE channel #4), and rebooting the LSC (just for fun). When I reset the LSC, its green light on the RFM_NETWORK screen did not turn red, making all these lights suspect. The iscepics40m process is what controls these red/green lights, so maybe it's gone wonky. It appears to be running however, on c1dcuepics, and it also seems to be functioning correctly in other ways (it's communicating correctly with the LSC).

Update: Alex and Jay came by. The solution was to reset the c0daqctrl processor, which apparently was not done in Rana's rebooting spree. Or maybe it needed to be done last.
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