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Entry  Mon Mar 3 13:58:10 2008, steve, Update, Computers, RFM Network are down 
    Reply  Mon Mar 3 19:34:40 2008, rana, Update, Computers, RFM Network are down 
Message ID: 353     Entry time: Mon Mar 3 19:34:40 2008     In reply to: 352
Author: rana 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: RFM Network are down 

The CODAQ_RFNETWORK are down, except C1SUSVME & AWG

All of the FE machines were found to be down this afternoon. I called Alex and he suggested several
things which didn't work (restart EPICS tasks, power cycle RFM switch, etc.).

Then he suggested that I go around and power cycle every crate!!! And that sometimes the order of this
matters!!! I think he was just recording this conversation so that he could have a laugh by playing it on Youtube.

However, power cycling all of the FE crates seemed to work. Alex's theory is that 'something goes bad in the
RFM cards sometimes'.

Its all green now.
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