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Entry  Fri Feb 29 13:51:17 2008, John, Summary, LSC, PD6 response PD6Attempt3.jpg
    Reply  Sun Mar 2 23:43:45 2008, rana, HowTo, LSC, PD6 response 
Message ID: 349     Entry time: Sun Mar 2 23:43:45 2008     In reply to: 348
Author: rana 
Type: HowTo 
Category: LSC 
Subject: PD6 response 
John's PD plotting script is superior to all of the ones we had before; lets make him post the script so we can all use it.

Looks like PD6 is not too happy after all; the 199 MHz response is not much higher than the 166 MHz response. I thought we were supposed to have them balanced to within 6 dB or so?
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