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Message ID: 3444     Entry time: Thu Aug 19 16:03:59 2010
Author: steve 
Type: Update 
Category: PEM 
Subject: grouting of PSL tripod legs 

The 10' x 6' optical table is seating on 6 tripods. Each tripod leg has 3 feet. They are supported by jack screws against copper plates on the concrete floor.                            These set screws allowed us to set the height,  level and distribute the load of the table.

To lock this position of the table grouting is used around the jack screws and between the concrete floor and the tripod feet.

Once the grout set the load will be carried by the hole feet  of 4" x 3.25" x3 = 39 sq inches per tripod leg


These ~4" thick grouted islands of 8-9" OD will be covered by 4" concrete. The area between the legs will be filled with 8" thick concrete.



Atm1, http://www.fivestarproducts.com/cementgrouts/specsheets/grout_ss.pdf

         Cement based grout, early height change 0 - 4%, hardened height change 0 - 0.3%

Atm2-3,  pouring grout

Atm4,  south west leg is done


Tomorrow: setting up ribbed bars, building frame to hold concrete and pour concrete

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