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Entry  Tue Aug 17 14:09:15 2010, steve, Update, PEM, PSL optical table schedule  
    Reply  Wed Aug 18 16:42:14 2010, steve, Update, PEM, PSL optical table legs load balanced P1060671.JPGP1060674.JPGP1060670.JPGP1060676.JPG
Message ID: 3435     Entry time: Wed Aug 18 16:42:14 2010     In reply to: 3430
Author: steve 
Type: Update 
Category: PEM 
Subject: PSL optical table legs load balanced 


 Rana, Koji, Alberto and Steve, Tuesday afternoon


Atm3, Part of the tunnel under the table was filled with quick drying concrete this morning  to give solid support for tripod legs.

          PVC tube 6 " ID with TEE will able us to connect AP table, PSL table and Control room if needed

Atm4, Table height set to equal AP at  ~32.75 " on copper plates using 5/8-11 x 4.5" set screw-bolt in tripod foot

           Rough leveling was done by 4 individual levels at the four corners with 9" long Stanley cast aluminum levels.

          Load balancing of the total weight  ~ 3000 lbs over  6 legs x3 = ~170 lbs on each jack screw with Snap-On torque wrench at 140 lbs/ft

Atm1, Three crew members at work. Prof. Rana's calibrated right hand was used at jack screws where insufficient space was available for socket head wrench.

Atm2, Table is ready for no shrink grouting now.






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