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Message ID: 3422     Entry time: Fri Aug 13 18:32:48 2010
Author: steve 
Type: Update 
Category: PEM 
Subject: new legs attached to optical table 

Koji, Rana and Steve


The floor preparation continued today. The really messy part of drilling and jack-hammering the concrete were done in controlled manner.

Particle counts peaked at 106K of 0.3 micron and 13 K of 1.0 micron particles/ cfmin at the top of SP table.

Legs were installed with the help of Koji and strongman Rana. Professor Rana was very useful lifting the 85 lbs legs. 


Atm1, Drilling holes for ribbed bar reinforcement of concrete

Atm2, Koji and Rana are playing hide and seek while installing legs

Atm3-4, 6 Rigid tripod legs attached by 6x3 of 1/4-20x 7/8 screws. The top plates of the legs were torqued to 108 ft/lbs by Rana

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