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Entry  Thu Aug 12 10:56:31 2010, steve, Update, Environment, dusty floor work in progres 
    Reply  Thu Aug 12 16:18:46 2010, steve, Update, Environment, tiles and adhesive removed P1060604.JPGP1060606.JPGP1060603.JPGP1060610.JPGDSC_2388.JPG
Message ID: 3410     Entry time: Thu Aug 12 16:18:46 2010     In reply to: 3404
Author: steve 
Type: Update 
Category: Environment 
Subject: tiles and adhesive removed 


I powered down 1Y1 and 1Y2 instrument racks of MC and RF-systems this morning.

Both racks, SP table, clean tools-parts boxes and MC2 area are also covered with plastics.

Bertin Bros. Construction, Inc is working on the floor preparation. Their head man is Robby Bertin, cell 626. 831.2264

Today's job:

remove tiles, clean off tile glue, drill for ribbed  steel bars, rough clean- surface for good bounding. paint floor with bounding agent

Tiles and adhesive removed. There were no dust storms created. Solvent paint- removal made the hole IFO -lab smell like the paint shop.

The south door is open with a fan blowing air inside. The north-west door is open through control room to outside to let air rinse the drying

paint-removal. Koji is  taking lunch break while test riding our new PSL table legs.

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