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Entry  Fri Aug 6 12:22:04 2010, Jenne, Update, IOO, MC data taking over the weekend 
    Reply  Fri Aug 6 12:44:29 2010, Koji, Update, IOO, MC data taking over the weekend 
Message ID: 3375     Entry time: Fri Aug 6 12:44:29 2010     In reply to: 3373
Author: Koji 
Type: Update 
Category: IOO 
Subject: MC data taking over the weekend 


Do you like to keep the WFS turned on?

This may change the transfer functions between the ground motion to the angle time by time,
and thus change the TF between the GND and the MCL.


Nancy has the Mode Cleaner for her work for the night, and is going to leave the MC happy, locked, autolocker on, WFS enabled, the works, and write down in the elog the time that she's finished. After that, I'm taking MC/seismic data all weekend long.  During the weekend, if at all possible, please don't go into the IFO room, especially near the Mode Cleaner.  If you do need to go into the IFO room, please elog the time you went in, and the time you left so I can correlate it with my dataThis is actually important, so please stick a quick elog entry in if you even think about opening the doors to the IFO room. It is much appreciated. 


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