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Entry  Thu Aug 5 00:17:41 2010, Koji, Update, PSL, PSL preparation work 
    Reply  Thu Aug 5 22:36:11 2010, Koji, Update, PSL, PSL preparation work 
       Reply  Fri Aug 6 08:09:15 2010, steve, Update, PSL, PSL preparation work 
       Reply  Fri Aug 6 20:00:03 2010, Koji, Update, PSL, PSL preparation work PSL_cable_map.pdf
Message ID: 3371     Entry time: Fri Aug 6 08:09:15 2010     In reply to: 3370
Author: steve 
Type: Update 
Category: PSL 
Subject: PSL preparation work 


PSL preparation work

Aug 5th 10am-4pm?: (Kiwamu, Alberto, Koji)

  • Removing the unused cables around the PSL table and the control room

Aug 6th 10am-4pm?: (Kiwamu (ex. noon-2pm), Alberto, Koji, Jenne ('till noon) )

  • Labeling the cables to be disconnected / making the records ==> All
  • Removals
    • the big nuts at the side of the PSL table ==> Steve
    • the cable ties on the PSL frame ==> Easy
    • Innolight 2W ==> Kiwamu
    • the green pickoff optics at the edge, if necessary ==> Kiwamu talking with Steve
    • Optics on the shelf ==> Jenne / Koji
    • Oscilloscopes on the shelf ==> Jenne / Koji
    • CCD camera connections (optional, as far as not critical for the operation)
  • Put poles on the table (for the plastic sheet) ==> Alberto / Koji

Aug 9th  9am-5pm: (Steve, Jenne, Alberto, Koji)

  • Disconnecting the cables ==> All
  • Shutting down the PSL ==> Steve/Koji
    • Draining the cooling water  ==> Steve
  • Removals
    • The accelerometers ==> Jenne
    • the PSL chamber ==> Steve
    • Periscopes ==> Alberto
  • Sealing of the table with the plastic sheets


  • The chiller is planned to go to MIT


Monday, August 9

 We should move the reference cavity too. Will this cavity be pumped while relocated?

Check and insure that attached and cut-free cables of PSL have enough room to tolerate the raising of the enclosure by 6"

I had second thoughts about the power line to the OMC. Koji was right, we should disconnect them from the power supplies.

The PSL enclosure doors on the north side will have to be removed some times to move exiting and entering ports.


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