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Entry  Thu Aug 5 16:18:37 2010, Alastair, Update, General, clocks still not locked fully - hut removed 
    Reply  Fri Aug 6 16:20:08 2010, rana, Update, General, clocks still not locked fully - phase shifted Untitled.pdf
Message ID: 3368     Entry time: Thu Aug 5 16:18:37 2010     Reply to this: 3377
Author: Alastair 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: clocks still not locked fully - hut removed 

The rubidium clocks are still not quite locked together, though it is clear that the beat frequency has dropped a lot since yesterday.

I checked on the clocks and the 1pps sync light is on.  The clocks are really hot again though despite the gap left at the bottom of the igloo.  The side of the clocks were hot enough to not be touchable.

I made the executive decision that I would remove the hut just now.  We can let the clocks lock together and then put the hut back on just before measuring.  This way the hut will isolate from temperature fluctuations during the measurement but it won't be running at the hotter equilibrium temperature.  I hope that the temperature won't change too much during the measurement if we put the hut back on.

RA: Attachment deleted because it was in Postscript format. Also not allowed here are the Stone Tablet and Cave Painting formats.

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