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Entry  Sat Jul 31 17:37:36 2010, josephb, Update, CDS, Cables needed for CDS test 
    Reply  Tue Aug 3 11:17:10 2010, kiwamu, Update, CDS, Diagrams for Cables needed for CDS test sus_wiring.pngsus_new_wiring.pngsus_missing_stuff.png
Message ID: 3353     Entry time: Tue Aug 3 11:17:10 2010     In reply to: 3342
Author: kiwamu 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: Diagrams for Cables needed for CDS test 

Current Wiring Setup for the Suspension Controls


New Wiring Plan for the Suspension Controls  with the New CDS  


Missing Stuff for the CDS test

Ideally we can reuse the existing cables, but some of them may not be long enough for the new wiring.

The diagram below shows extremely non-ideal case.


Some more information will be summarized on the wiki later.


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