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Message ID: 3350     Entry time: Mon Aug 2 21:52:57 2010
Author: Koji 
Type: Update 
Category: IOO 
Subject: MC is running at the full power 

[Nancy and Koji]

We restored the full power operation of the MC.

Restoration of the suspensions

  1. Found the suspension watch dogs are left turned off.
  2. Found c1susvme1/2 were not running.
  3. Launched the realtime processes on c1susvme1/2 and c1iscey
  4. Restored the watch dogs. The suspensions looked fine.

Preparations for the high power

  1. Put an ND2.0 before the MCT CCD. Confirmed the ND reflection is damped.
    MCT QPD is not necessary to be touched.

The high power operation of the MC / post lock adjustment

  1. Locked the MC under the autolocker being disabled.
  2. Adjusted the aperture on the MC2 face camera
  3. Adjusted the spot positions on the WFS QPDs
  4. Reverted the scripts to the high power ones
    (mcup / mcdown / autolockMCmain40m)
  5. Logged in to op340m and restarted autolockMCmain40m

The autolocker seems working correctly.

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