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Message ID: 3334     Entry time: Fri Jul 30 17:24:22 2010
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: PEM 
Subject: Guralps back in the 40m 

I brought the GUR2 seismometer back from Bridge so I can get some more MC/Seismic data during the next week while we're pumped down, before we start doing things to the PSL table.  Both of the Gur Seismometers are connected back up to the breakout box as of ~3:27pm today.  Alastair still has the handheld controller thing (which I use for mass centering, on occasion), since he'll want the seismometer back in a week or two when I'm done with it.


Something is wrong with both X channels of the Guralps.  Alastair claimed that he and Frank didn't do anything bad when they opened up the breakout box, but I am suspicious. 


While I'm at it, a reminder that Jan and his SURF student Greg still have the Ranger, disassembled over in Bridge.  They made a note in their elog, but not in the 40m elog when they took it back again.

Whenever you're done with the Mode Cleaner for the next week, please make sure it is locked, nicely aligned and happy before you leave.  Also please make a note of what you're doing and when, so that I know what is good data and what is data with unusual conditions.

In other, semi-bad news (but already recovered from), when I was finishing putting the Guralp Breakout Box back in the rack, I bumped the power strip that is on the top back side of the rack, near the corner that the door opens on (not the corner the door hinges on).  I turned the power strip back on, and I think everything that is connected to it came back okay.  Anyhow, my bad. Sorry. 

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