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Entry  Fri Jul 16 20:25:52 2010, Megan, Update, PSL, Reference Cavity Insulation DSC_2271.JPGDSC_2266.JPG
    Reply  Fri Jul 16 23:53:27 2010, Rana, Update, PSL, Reference Cavity Insulation 
       Reply  Fri Jul 23 16:02:16 2010, Rana, Update, PSL, Reference Cavity Insulation Untitled.png
          Reply  Fri Jul 23 21:14:29 2010, Rana, Update, PSL, Reference Cavity Insulation 
Message ID: 3280     Entry time: Fri Jul 23 16:02:16 2010     In reply to: 3241     Reply to this: 3282
Author: Rana 
Type: Update 
Category: PSL 
Subject: Reference Cavity Insulation 

This is the trend so far with the copper foil wrapping. According to Megan's calculation, we need ~1 mm of foil and the thickness of each layer is 0.002" (1/20th of a mm), so we need ~20 layers. We have ~5 layers so far.

As you can see the out-of-loop temperature sensor (RCTEMP) is much better than before. We need another week to tell how well the frequency is doing -

the recent spate of power cycles / reboots of the PSL have interrupted the trend smoothness so far.

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