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Message ID: 3170     Entry time: Wed Jul 7 17:18:57 2010
Author: Alberto 
Type: Configuration 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: Stochmon and LSC AM Stabilizer Decomissioned 
Today I disconnected and removed the Stochmon box from the 1Y2 rack.
I also removed the amplifiers that were sitting on the PSL table, next to the RF AM PD, that were connected to the Stochmon. I pulled back the RG cable and the power cables that went from the PSL table to the 1Y1 and 1Y2 racks.
The power cable, all rolled up, is now sitting on the floor, inside the 1Y1 rack and one of its end is still connected to the power of the rack. We'd like to turn off the entire rack in order to safely remove it. But since the laser driver is there too, we should do it the first time we have to turn off the rack for some other reason.

I also removed two of the AM stabilizers from the 1Y2 rack. The other one, which is currently running th MC modulations, is still in the rack, and there it is going to remain together with its distribution box.

I stored both AM stabilizers and the Stochmon box inside the RF cabinet down the East arm.

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