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Entry  Sun Jun 6 08:08:05 2010, rana, sanjit, Summary, Electronics, Capacitor Bridge Test CapacitanceBridge.png
    Reply  Mon Jun 7 07:39:38 2010, Alberto, Omnistructure, Electronics, Capacitor Bridge Test 
Message ID: 3053     Entry time: Mon Jun 7 07:39:38 2010     In reply to: 3052
Author: Alberto 
Type: Omnistructure 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: Capacitor Bridge Test 


To get a feel for the Capacitive Bridge problems, we setup a simple bridge using fixed (1 nF) caps on a breadboard. We used an SR830 Lock-In amplifier to drive it and readout the noise.

The measurement setup for the Capacitor Bridge Test is still sitting on one of the work benches.

Unless the experiment is supposed to continue today, the equipment shouldn't have been left on the bench. It should have been  taken back to the lab.

Also the cart with HP network analyzer used for the test was left in the desk area. That shouldn't have left floating around in the desk area anyway.

The people responsible for that, are kindly invited to clean up after themselves.

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