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Message ID: 2946     Entry time: Tue May 18 14:30:31 2010
Author: josephb 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: LSC.mdl problem found and fixed 

After having checked old possibilities and deciding I wasn't imagining the lsc.mdl file not working, but working as another name, I tracked Alex down and asked for help.

After scratching our heads, we finally tracked it down to the RCG code itself, as opposed to any existing code.

Apparently, the skeleton.st file (located in /home/controls/cds/advLigoRTS/src/epics/util/) has special additional behavior for models with the following names: lsc, asc, hepi, hepia, asc40m, ascmc, tchsh1, tchsh2.

Alex was unsure what this additional code was for.  To disable it, we went into the skeleton.st file, and changed the name "SEQUENCER_NAME_lsc" to "SEQUENCER_NAME_lsc_removed" where ever it occured.  These names were in #ifdef statements, so now these codes will only be used if the model is named lsc_removed.  This apparently fixed the problem.  Running startlsc now runs the code as it should, and I can proceed to testing the communication to the lsp model.

Alex said he'd try to figure out what these special #ifdef code pieces are intended for and hopefully completely remove them once we've determined we don't need it.

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