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Message ID: 2940     Entry time: Mon May 17 17:17:49 2010
Author: josephb, steve, alberto, kiwamu 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: New CDS computers now in racks. 

We placed 3 new computers in the racks.  One in 1X4 (machine running SCX) and 2 in 1Y4 (LSC and SUS).  These are 1U chassis, 4 core machines for the CDS upgrade.  I will be bringing over 2 IO chassis and their rails over tomorrow, one to be placed in 1Y4, and 1 in 1X4.

We still need some more 40 pin adapter cables and will send someone over this week to make them.  However, once we have those, we should be able to get two to three machines going, one end computer/chassis and the SUS computer/chassis.

After tomorrow we are still going to be owed 1 computer, another dolphin fiber, a couple of blue boxes, and the LSC, IO, and Y end IO chassis.  We also realized we need further fiber for the timing system.  We're going to need to get and then run fiber to both ends, as well as to 1X3, where the LSC IO chassis will be.


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