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Message ID: 2932     Entry time: Fri May 14 12:14:26 2010
Author: josephb 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: Need to track down old code for lsc system and remove them 

I'm currently in the process of tracking down what legacy code is interfering with the new lsc model.

It turns out if you change the name of lsc file to something else (say scx as a quick test for example), it runs fine.  In fact, the lsc and scx GDS_TP screens work in that case (since they're looking at the same channels).  As one would expect, running them both at the same time causes problems.  Note to self, make sure the other one is killed first.  It does mean the lsc code gets loaded part way, but doesn't seem to communicate on EPICs or to the other models.  However, I don't know what existing code is interfering.  Currently going trhough the target directories and so forth.

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