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Message ID: 2895     Entry time: Fri May 7 14:51:04 2010
Author: josephb 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: Working on meta .mdl file scripts 

I'm currently working on a set of scripts which will be able to parse a "template" mdl file, replacing certain key words, with other key words, and save it to a new .mdl file.

For example  you pass it the "template" file of scx.mdl file (suspension controller ETMX), and the keyword ETMX, followed by an output list of scy.mdl ETMY,  bs.mdl BS, itmx.mdl  ITMX, itmy.mdl ITMY, prm.mdl PRM, srm.mdl SRM.  It produces these new files, with the keyword replaced, and a few other minor tweaks to get the new file to work (gds_node, specific_cpu, etc).  You can then do a couple of copy paste actions to produce a combined sus.mdl file with all the BS, ITM, PRM, SRM controls (there might be a way to handle this better so it automatically merges into a single file, but I'd have to do something fancy with the positioning of the modules - something to look into).

I also have plans for a script which gets passed a mdl file, and updates the C1.ipc file, by adding any new channels and incrementing the ipcNum appropriately.  So when you make a change you want to propagate to all the suspensions, you run the two scripts, and have an already up to date copy of memory locations - no additional typing required.

Similar scripts could be written for the DAQ screens as well, so as to have all the suspension screens look the same after changing one set.

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