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Entry  Fri Apr 23 21:02:14 2010, rana, joe, Update, LSC, Started dev of LSC FE Untitled.png
    Reply  Sun Apr 25 02:56:07 2010, rana, Update, LSC, Started dev of LSC FE 
       Reply  Sun Apr 25 10:40:21 2010, Koji, Update, LSC, Started dev of LSC FE 
    Reply  Mon Apr 26 10:21:45 2010, josephb, Update, LSC, Started dev of LSC FE 
Message ID: 2836     Entry time: Fri Apr 23 21:02:14 2010     Reply to this: 2839   2841
Author: rana, joe 
Type: Update 
Category: LSC 
Subject: Started dev of LSC FE 

Joe and I started working on the new LSC FE control today. We made a diagram of the system in Simulink, but were unable to compile it.

Joe checked out the latest CDS software out of their new SVN and put it somewhere (perhaps his home directory).

We then copied the directory with the .mdl files and the CDS parts library into our real Simulink Model Directory:


Use this and not someplace in Alex or Rob's home directory !

Joe will put in more details on Monday once he figures out how to build the new stuff. Basically, we decided not to support multiple versions of the CDS real time code here. We'll just stay synced to the latest stable ~versions.

I exported the current version of the LSC FE into our public_html/FE/ area on nodus where we will put all of the self-documenting FE diagrams:


To make a web setup like this, you just use the "Export to Web" feature from the top-level Simulink diagram (e.g. lsc.mdl). Choose the following options:


Note: in order to get the web page to work, I had to change the apache httpd.conf file to allow AddType file overriding. Here's the term cap of the diff:

nodus:etc>diff httpd.conf httpd.conf~
< ServerAdmin jenne@caltech.edu
> ServerAdmin aso@caltech.edu
<     AllowOverride FileInfo

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