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Message ID: 2789     Entry time: Mon Apr 12 16:20:05 2010
Author: Alberto 
Type: Configuration 
Category: 40m Upgrading 
Subject: REFL55 improved 
During the commissioning of the AS55 PD, I learned how to get a much better rejection of the 11MHz modulation.
So I went back to REFL55 and I modified it using the same strategy. (Basically I added another notch to the circuit).
After a few days of continuous back and forth between modeling, measuring, soldering, tuning I got a much better transfer function.

All the details and data will be included in the wiki page (and so also the results for AS55). Here I just show the comparison of the transfer functions that I measured and that I modeled.

I applied an approximate calibration to the data so that all the measurements would refer to the transfer function of Vout / PD Photocurrent. Here's how they look like. (also the calibration will be explained in the wiki)


The ratio between the amplitude of the 55Mhz modulation over the 11MHz is ~ 90dB

The electronics TF doesn't provide a faithful reproduction of the optical response.

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