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Message ID: 2486     Entry time: Fri Jan 8 10:38:35 2010
Author: josephb, koji 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: RFM and Megatron 

Last night, we installed the VMI 5565 RFM card into Megatron.  After turning off the watchdogs for the ETMY optic, we disconnected the RFM fiber, and connected it to megatron, then powered it up. 

We modified the RCG code to have 3 rfmio blocks, which were reading 0x11a1c0 (ascPit), 0x11a1c4 (ascYaw), and 0x11a1c8 (lscPos).  These were connected to the approriate filter module inputs, and we also added grounds to the front of the rfmio blocks (we looked at the ass code which was setup that way, so we just did the same thing).  When we started it however, it didn't read properly.  If we turned off the input and set and offset, it calculated the output of the filter module correctly, (i.e. just the offset value), but as soon as we turned on the input, it was set to 0, no matter the offset value, which indicated it was reading something correctly.

After this test, the RFM fibers were reconnected to c1iscey, we rebooted c1iscey, and we confirmed that the system was working properly again.  We turned the watch dogs back on for ETMY.



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