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Entry  Tue Jan 5 10:26:32 2010, Alberto, Steve, Omnistructure, Environment, Added new wall cable-racks DSC_1068-1.JPGDSC_1070-1.JPG
    Reply  Tue Jan 5 11:00:04 2010, rana, Omnistructure, Environment, Added new wall cable-racks 
Message ID: 2477     Entry time: Tue Jan 5 10:26:32 2010     Reply to this: 2478
Author: Alberto, Steve 
Type: Omnistructure 
Category: Environment 
Subject: Added new wall cable-racks 

we hung two new WALL cable racks. One is on the pillar next to the Sp table, the other is next to the PSL computer rack.

To do that we had to drill holes in the wall since the simple screws weren't strong enough to keep them up.

One of the racks, the yellow, is dedicated to 4-pin lemos and other thick cables.


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