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Entry  Wed Dec 30 10:58:48 2009, Alberto, Update, General, All watchdogs tripped this morning 
    Reply  Wed Dec 30 18:01:03 2009, Alberto, Rana, Update, General, All watchdogs tripped this morning 
Message ID: 2468     Entry time: Wed Dec 30 18:01:03 2009     In reply to: 2467
Author: Alberto, Rana 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: All watchdogs tripped this morning 


This morning I found all the watchdogs had tripped during the night.

I restored them all.

I can't damp ITMX. I noticed that its driving matrix is all 1s and -1s as the the right values had been lost in some previous burtrestoring.


Rana fixed the problem. He found that the side damping was saturating. He lowered the gain a little for a while, waited for the the damping to slow down the optic and then he brought the gain back where it was.

He also upadted the MEDM screen snapshot.

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