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Entry  Thu Dec 10 09:51:06 2009, rob, Update, PSL, RCPID settings not saved 
    Reply  Thu Dec 10 09:56:32 2009, Koji, Update, PSL, RCPID settings not saved RC_TEMP.png
Message ID: 2381     Entry time: Thu Dec 10 09:56:32 2009     In reply to: 2379
Author: Koji 
Type: Update 
Category: PSL 
Subject: RCPID settings not saved 

Note: The set point C1:PSL-FSS_RCPID_SETPOINT is 37.0 on C1PSL_FSS_RCPID.adl.

Now the temp is recovering with its full speed. At some point we have to restore the value of the FSS SLOW DC as the temp change drag it up.


Koji, Jenne, Rob

We found that the RCPID servo "setpoint" was not in the relevant saverestore.req file, and so when c1psl got rebooted earlier this week, this setting was left at zero.  Thus, the RC got a bit chilly over the last few days.  This channel has been added. 

Also, RCPID channels have been added (manually) to conlog_channels. 


Attachment 1: RC_TEMP.png  55 kB  | Hide | Hide all
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