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Entry  Thu Dec 10 08:40:12 2009, Alberto, Update, Computers, Fronte-ends down 
    Reply  Thu Dec 10 08:50:33 2009, Alberto, Update, Computers, Fronte-ends down 
       Reply  Thu Dec 10 10:01:16 2009, Jenne, Update, Computers, Fronte-ends down 
          Reply  Thu Dec 10 10:31:18 2009, Jenne, Update, Computers, Fronte-ends down 
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Message ID: 2378     Entry time: Thu Dec 10 08:50:33 2009     In reply to: 2376     Reply to this: 2382
Author: Alberto 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: Fronte-ends down 


I found all the front-ends, except for C1SUSVME1 and C0DCU1 down this morning. DAQAWG shows up green on the C0DAQ_DETAIL screen but it is on a "bad" satus.

I'll go for a big boot fest.

Since I wanted to single out the faulting system when these situations occur, I tried to reboot the computers one by one.

1) I reset the RFM Network by pushing the reset button on the bypass switch on the 1Y7 rack. Then I tried to bring C1SOSVME up by power-cycling and restarting it as in the procedure in the wiki. I repeated a second time but it didn't work. At some point of the restarting process I get the error message "No response from EPICS".
2) I also tried rebooting only C1DCUEPICS but it didn't work: I kept having the same response when restarting C1SOSVME
3) I tried to reboot C0DAQCTRL and C1DCU1 by power cycling their crate; power-cycled and restarted C1SOSVME. Nada. Same response from C1SOSVME.
4) I restarted the framebuilder;  power-cycled and restarted C1SOSVME. Nothing. Same response from C1SOSVME.
5) I restarted the framebuilder, then rebooted C0DAQCTRL and C1DCU, then power-cycled and restarted C1SOSVME. Niente. Same response from C1SOSVME.
Then I did the so called "Nuclear Option", the only solution that so far has proven to work in these circumstances. I executed the steps in the order they are listed, waiting for each step to be completed before passing to the next one.
0) Switch off: the frame builder, the C0DAQCTRL and C1DCU crate, C1DCUEPICS
1) turn on the frame builder
2) reset of the RFM Network switch on 1Y7 (although, it's not sure whether this step is really necessary; but it's costless)
3) turn on C1DCUEPICS
4) turn on the C0DAQCTRL and C1DCU crate
5) power-cycle and restart the single front-ends
6) burt-restore all the snapshots
When I tried to restart C1SOSVME by power-cycling it I still got the same response: "No response from EPICS". But I then reset C1SUSVME1 and C1SUSVME2 I was able to restart C1SOSVME.
It turned out that while I was checking the efficacy of the steps of the Grand Reboot to single out the crucial one, I was getting fooled by C1SOSVME's status. C1SOSVME was stuck, hanging on C1SUSVME1 and C1SUSVME2.
So the Nuclear option is still unproven as the only working procedure. It might be not necessary.
Maybe restating BOTH RFM switches, the one in 1Y7 and the one in 1Y6, would be sufficient. Or maybe just power-cycling the C0DAQCTRL and C1DCU1 is sufficient. This has to be confirmed next time we incur on the same problem.
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