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Entry  Thu Nov 19 08:53:12 2009, pete, Frogs, Environment, diesel fumes 
    Reply  Thu Dec 10 08:43:25 2009, steve, Frogs, Environment, diesel fumes are less P1050817.JPG
Message ID: 2377     Entry time: Thu Dec 10 08:43:25 2009     In reply to: 2296
Author: steve 
Type: Frogs 
Category: Environment 
Subject: diesel fumes are less 


 Instead of doing RCG stuff, I went to Millikan to work on data analysis as I couldn't stand the fumes from the construction.  (this morning, 8am) 

 Diesel fumes are pumped away from control room AC intakes  with the help of newly installed  reflector boxes on the CES wall  fans.........see # 2272

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