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Message ID: 2308     Entry time: Fri Nov 20 13:54:45 2009
Author: Alberto 
Type: Omnistructure 
Category: Environment 
Subject: New Paper and Cardboard Recycling Bins Introduced to the 40m 

The 40m produces a large amount of paper and cardboard waste. It would be worth it if we disposed those kind of garbages for recycling.

I set up two new garbage bins in the lab: one in the control rooms that adds up to the can/bottle recycling bin, and one other one in the office area, next to the printer for general paper disposal.

People in the lab are strongly invited to make use of the two new garbage bins and recycle their paper and cardboard waste.

Boxes can be larger than the garbage bin, so I'd recommend people to crash them before throwing them into the bin.



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