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Message ID: 2292     Entry time: Wed Nov 18 14:55:59 2009
Author: kiwamu 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: multi-resonant EOM --- circuit design ---- 

The circuit design of multi-resonant EOM have proceeded.

By using numerical method, I found the some best choice of the parameters (capacitors and inductors).

In fact there are 6 parameters (Lp, L1, L2, Cp, C1, C2) in the circuit to be determined.


In general the less parameter gives the less calculation time with performing the numerical analysis. Of course it looks 6 parameters are little bit large number.

In order to reduce the arbitrary parameters, I put 4 boundary conditions.

Each boundary conditions fixed resonant peaks and valleys; first peak=11MHz, third peak=55MHz, first valley=19MHz, second valley=44MHz.


So now the remaining arbitrary parameters successfully get reduced to 2. Only we have to do is optimize the second peak as it to be 29.5MHz.

Then I take C1 and C2 as free parameters seeing how the second peak agree with 29.5MHz by changing the value of the C1 and C2.


the red color represents the good agreement with 29.5MHz, in contrast blue contour represents the bad.

 You can see some best choice along the yellow belt. Now what we should do is to examine some of that and to select one of those.

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