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Entry  Thu Jan 3 12:38:49 2008, rob, Bureaucracy, TMI, Sore throat 
Message ID: 224     Entry time: Thu Jan 3 12:38:49 2008     In reply to: 223
Author: rob 
Type: Bureaucracy 
Category: TMI 
Subject: Sore throat 


I did not feel anything wrong yesterday, but unfortunately I have a very much sore throat today. I need to drink warm milk with honey and rinse my throat often today. So far I do not have other illness symptomes (no fever), so I hope that this small disease will not last for a long time, but I feel that it is better for me to cure my sore throat today at home (and probably it is safer for others in 40-m).

I took yesterday the book "Digital Signal Processing", so I have it for reading at home.

Hope to see you tomorrow.

I've added a new category--TMI--for entries along these lines.
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