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Message ID: 2225     Entry time: Tue Nov 10 10:51:00 2009
Author: josephb, alex 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: Megatron on, powercycled c1omc, and burt restored from 3am snapshot 

Last night around 5pm or so, Alex had remotely logged in and made some fixes to megatron.

First, he changed the local name from scipe11 to megatron.  There were no changes to the network, this was a purely local change.  The name server running on Linux1 is what provides the name to IP conversions.  Scipe11 and Megatron both resolve to distinct IPs. Given c1auxex wasn't reported to have any problems (and I didn't see any problems with it yesterday), this was not a source of conflict.  Its possible that Megatron could get confused while in that state, but it would not have affected anything outside its box.

Just to be extra secure, I've switched megatron's personal router over from a DMZ setup to only forwarding port 22.  I have also disabled the dhcp server on the gateway router (

Second, he turned the mdp and mdc codes on.  This should not have conflicted with c1omc.

This morning I came in and turned megatron back on around 9:30 and began trying to replicate the problems from last night between c1omc and megatron.  I called Alex and we rebooted c1omc while megatron was on, but not running any code, and without any changes to the setup (routers, etc).  We were able to burt restore.  Then we turned the mdp, mdc and framebuilder codes on, and again rebooted c1omc, which appeared to burt restore as well (I restored from 3 am this morning, which looks reasonable to me). 

Finally, I made the changes mentioned above to the router setups in the hope that this will prevent future problems but without being able to replicate the issue I'm not sure.

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