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Message ID: 2198     Entry time: Fri Nov 6 18:52:09 2009
Author: pete 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: RCG ETMY plan 

  Koji, Joe, and I are planning to try controlling the ETMY, on Monday or Tuesday.  Our plan is to try to do this with megatron out of the RFM loop.   The RCG system includes pos, pit, yaw, side, and oplevs.  I will use matrix elements as currently assigned (i.e. not the ideal case of +1 and -1 everywhere).   I will also match channel names to the old channels.   We could put buttons on the medm screen to control the analog DW by hand.  

This assumes we can get megatron happy again, after the unhappy RFM card test today.  See Joe's elog immediately before this one.
We first plan to test that the ETMY watchdog can disable the RCG frontend, by using a pos step (before connecting to the suspension).   Hopefully we can make it work without the RFM.  Otherwise I think we'll have to wait for a working RFM card.
We plan to disable the other optics.  We will disable ETMY, take down the ETMY frontend, switch the cables, and start up the new RCG system.  If output looks reasonable we will enable the ETMY via the watchdog.   Then I suppose we can put in some small steps via the RCG controller and see if it damps.  
Afterwards, we plan to switch everything back.
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