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Entry  Thu Nov 5 23:09:34 2009, Alberto, Update, LSC, Y Arm Cavity Transfer Function YarmTF01.png
    Reply  Fri Nov 6 00:24:06 2009, Alberto, Update, LSC, Y Arm Cavity Transfer Function YarmTF02.png
       Reply  Tue Nov 10 13:02:36 2009, Alberto, Update, LSC, X and Y Arm Cavity Poles Measurement SummaryOfFits.pdfCodeAndData.tar
Message ID: 2188     Entry time: Fri Nov 6 00:24:06 2009     In reply to: 2186     Reply to this: 2226
Author: Alberto 
Type: Update 
Category: LSC 
Subject: Y Arm Cavity Transfer Function 


As for the X Arm, this the transfer function I measured for the Y arm cavity.


This time I'm using a different photodiode than the PDA255 on the Y end table.

The diode I'm using is the PDA520 from where TRY comes from.

I'm going to repeat the measurement with PDA255.

 Measurement repeated with the PDA255 PD at the end but not big changes


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