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Entry  Fri Oct 16 03:16:50 2009, rana, rob, Summary, LSC, funny timing setup on the LSC 1X3_1.JPG
    Reply  Fri Oct 16 13:25:18 2009, Koji, Summary, LSC, funny timing setup on the LSC 
    Reply  Mon Oct 19 14:48:15 2009, rana, rob, Summary, Electronics, piezo jena measuring box PA160153.JPGPA160151.JPG
Message ID: 2104     Entry time: Fri Oct 16 13:25:18 2009     In reply to: 2101
Author: Koji 
Type: Summary 
Category: LSC 
Subject: funny timing setup on the LSC 

Could be this.



We should be able to diagnose timing noise between the OMC and the LSC by putting in a signal in the OMC and looking at the signal on the LSC side. Should be a matlab script that we can run whenever we are suspicious of this. This is an excellent task for a new visiting grad student to help learn how to debug the digital control system.


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