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Entry  Thu Oct 8 11:37:59 2009, josephb, Update, Computers, Reboot of dcuepics helped, c1susvme1 having problems 
    Reply  Thu Oct 8 14:41:46 2009, jenne, Update, Computers, c1susvme1 is back online 
Message ID: 2068     Entry time: Thu Oct 8 11:37:59 2009     Reply to this: 2069
Author: josephb 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: Reboot of dcuepics helped, c1susvme1 having problems 

Power cycling c1dcuepics seems to have fixed the EPICs channel problems, and c1lsc, c1asc, and c1iovme are talking again.

I burt restored c1iscepics and c1Iosepics from the snapshot at 6 am this morning.

However, c1susvme1 never came back after the last power cycle of its crate that it shared with c1susvme2.  I connected a monitor and keyboard per the reboot instructions.  I hit ctrl-x, and it proceeded to boot, however, it displays that there's a media error, PXE-E61, suggests testing the cable, and only offers an option to reboot.  From a cursory inspection of the front, the cables seem to look okay.  Also, this machine had eventually come back after the first power cycle and I'm pretty sure no cables were moved in between.


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