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Entry  Mon Sep 28 23:13:14 2009, Jenne, Configuration, Electronics, Rob is breaking stuff.... 
    Reply  Tue Sep 29 16:14:44 2009, rob, Configuration, Electronics, Rob is breaking stuff.... 
Message ID: 2019     Entry time: Tue Sep 29 16:14:44 2009     In reply to: 2014
Author: rob 
Type: Configuration 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: Rob is breaking stuff.... 


Koji and I were looking for an extender card to aid with MZ board testing.  Rob went off on a quest to find one.  He found 2 (in addition to the one in the drawer near the electronics bench which says "15V shorted"), and put them in some empty slots in 1X1 to test them out.  Somehow, this burned a few pins on each board (1 pin on one of them, and 3 pins on the other). We now have 0 functioning extender cards: unfortunately, both extender cards now need fixing.  The 2 slots that were used in 1X1 now have yellow electrical tape covering the connectors so that they do not get used, because the ends of the burnt-off pins may still be in there. 

In other, not-Rob's-fault news, the Martian network is down...we're going to try to reset it so that we have use of the laptops again.


This happened when I plugged the cards into a crate with computers, which apparently is a no-no.  The extender cards only go in VME crates full of in-house, LIGO-designed electronics.

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