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Entry  Tue Sep 29 12:47:08 2009, Koji, Update, MZ, MZ unlocked 
    Reply  Tue Sep 29 18:21:41 2009, Koji, Update, MZ, MZ work done 
       Reply  Tue Sep 29 21:37:09 2009, rana, Update, MZ, MZ work done : some noise checking fsm.pdf
          Reply  Tue Sep 29 21:51:32 2009, Koji, Update, MZ, MZ work done : some noise checking 
       Reply  Tue Sep 29 22:51:20 2009, Koji, Update, MZ, Possible gain mis-calibration at other places (Re: MZ work done) 
Message ID: 2018     Entry time: Tue Sep 29 12:47:08 2009     Reply to this: 2020
Author: Koji 
Type: Update 
Category: MZ 
Subject: MZ unlocked 

12:45 I started the work on MZ. Thus the MZ was unlocked.

Found the bad connection on the FLKM 64pin cross connection board. We need a replacement.

I went to Wilson and got the replacement, two VME extender boards, three 7815, and three 7915. Thanks, Ben!

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