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Entry  Tue Sep 1 11:23:36 2009, steve, Update, General, electrical ground ground.JPG
    Reply  Thu Sep 3 11:20:26 2009, steve, Update, General, electrical ground in place Gs-n.JPGnewground.JPG
Message ID: 1962     Entry time: Tue Sep 1 11:23:36 2009     Reply to this: 1965
Author: steve 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: electrical ground 

I was told yesterday, that on Friday the construction people accidentally ripped out one of the 40m soil ground.....AND HOW MANY MORE ARE THERE? nobody knows.

It was ~8 ft long and 0.5" diameter buried in the ground. There is no drawing found to identify this exact building ground. They promised to replace this on Wednesday with a 10 ft long and 0.75" diameter.

The  the wall will be resealed where the conduit enters  the  north west corner of the IFO room 104


There should be no concern about safety because the 40m building main ground is connected to the CES Mezzanine step-down transformer.

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