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Entry  Wed Aug 26 19:58:14 2009, Rana, Alberto, Update, PSL, Reference Cavity Temperature Control: MINCO PID removed rc.png
    Reply  Thu Aug 27 13:42:08 2009, rana, Summary, PSL, Reference Cavity Temperature Control: psl.db changes 
Message ID: 1954     Entry time: Wed Aug 26 19:58:14 2009     Reply to this: 1956
Author: Rana, Alberto 
Type: Update 
Category: PSL 
Subject: Reference Cavity Temperature Control: MINCO PID removed 

Summary: This afternoon we managed to get the temperature control of the reference cavity working again.

We bypassed the MINCO PID by connecting the temperature box error signal directly into EPICS.

We couldn't configure the PID so that it worked with the modified temperature box so we decided to just avoid using it.

Now the temperature control is done by a software servo by using the channel C1:PSL-FSS_MINCOMEAS as error signal and driving C1:PSL-FSS_TIDALSET (which we have clip-doodle wired directly to the heater input).


We 'successfully' used ezcaservo to stabilize the temperature:

ezcaservo -r C1:PSL-FSS_MINCOMEAS -s 26.6 -g -0.00003 C1:PSL-FSS_TIDALSET


We also recalibrated the channels:




with Peter King on the phone by using ezcawrite (EGUF and EGUL) but we didn't change the database yet. So please do not reboot the PSL computer until we update the database.


More details will follow.

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