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Entry  Fri Aug 7 16:14:57 2009, rob, Omnistructure, VAC, UPS failed 
    Reply  Fri Aug 7 19:34:40 2009, steve, Summary, VAC, UPS failed 
    Reply  Sat Aug 15 18:57:48 2009, rana, Update, VAC, UPS failed 
       Reply  Mon Aug 24 16:48:57 2009, steve, HowTo, VAC, new UPS installed 
Message ID: 1937     Entry time: Mon Aug 24 16:48:57 2009     In reply to: 1912
Author: steve 
Type: HowTo 
Category: VAC 
Subject: new UPS installed 


As Rob noted last Friday, the UPS which powers the Vacuum rack failed. When we were trying to move the plugs around to debug it, it made a sizzling sound and a pop. Bad smells came out of it.

Ben came over this week and measured the quiescent power consumption. The low power draw level was 11.9 A and during the reboot its 12.2 A. He measured this by ??? (Rob inserts method here).

So what we want is a 120 V * 12.2 A  ~ 1.4 kVA UPS with ~30-50% margin. We look for this on the APC-UPS site:

On Monday, we will order the SUA2200 from APC. It should last for ~25 minutes during an outage. Its $1300. The next step down is $200 cheaper and gives 10 minutes less uptime.

The new APC Smart -UPS 2200VA is now running at  the vacuum rack. There are 2 load monitoring leds on out of 5

Maglev, dry pumps and roughing pumps are not using UPS.

The switch over went smoothly with Yoichi's help.

First we closed all vacuum valves and stopped the two small turbos.

Than turned power off to instruments in the vac-rack and VME: c1vac1 & c1vac2

Maglev was left running.

Now we moved the AC plugs from the wall receptacles over to the back of the UPS and powered them up.

Varian turbos were restarted and vacuum valves were restored in order to reach  vacuum normal condition.

See 40m Vacuum System States and Sequences Manual of 10-24-2001


Linux 3 desk top computer is out of order at the pump spool. We should replace it.

The vacuum control screen can be pulled up on a lap top: /cvs/cds/caltech/medm/c0/ve/VacControl_BAK.adj


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