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Message ID: 1929     Entry time: Wed Aug 19 18:02:22 2009
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: LSC 
Subject: RF PDs aligned 

All of the LSC RF PDs have been aligned.  I didn't really change much of anything, since for all of them, the beam was already pretty close to center.  But they all got the treatment of attaching a Voltmeter to the DC out, and adjusting the steering mirror in both pitch and yaw, finding where you fall off the PD in each direction, and then leave the optic in the middle of the two 'edges'.

Before aligning each set (PO, Refl, AS), I followed the procedure in Rob's new RF photodiode Wiki Page

Also, for superstitious reasons, and in case I actually bumped them, I squished all of the ribbon cable connectors into the PDs, just in case.

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