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Message ID: 190     Entry time: Thu Dec 13 12:05:36 2007
Author: alberto 
Type: Omnistructure 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: The new Butterworth seems to work quite well 
It works better probably because of the small inductors I'm using this time.
The peak is at 30 MHz because I didn't have the precise elements to get 33.

The bandwidth and the Q could be improved by adding one or two more order to the filter and trying to better match the low-pass' resonant frequency with the high-pass'.

Also I have to see if it could work at 166 and 199 MHz as well.
Attachment 1: TF_New_Butterworth_12-Nov-2007_TF.png  10 kB  Uploaded Thu Dec 13 15:56:13 2007  | Show | Show all
Attachment 2: Bultervverth2.png  30 kB  Uploaded Thu Dec 13 17:40:21 2007  | Show | Show all
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