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Message ID: 1896     Entry time: Thu Aug 13 02:17:56 2009
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: IOO 
Subject: Mode Cleaner Alignment 

When Rob and I were getting started on locking for the evening, Mode Cleaner lost lock a few times, but every time it lost lock, it took forever to reaquire, and was pretty insistent on locking in the TEM10 mode.  I proposed that the alignment might be sketchy.  I've been fiddling with the MC alignment sliders for the last hour and a half or so, but I think I'm not 100% in tune with the 3 mirror parameter space.  The mode cleaner now locks, but I'm not in love with its' alignment.  The WFS are definitely catywhompus.  Before doing hardware things like recentering the WFS, I'm going to wait until tomorrow to consult with an alignment expert.

In case this is helpful for tomorrow, before I touched any of the sliders:

Optic, Pitch, Yaw

MC1, 3.1459, -0.7200

MC3, -0.8168, -3.0700

MC2, 3.6360, -1.0576


Now that mode cleaner locks, although not in a great alignment:

MC1, 3.1089, -0.7320

MC3, -0.7508, -3.0770

MC2, 3.6610, -1.0786


If I knew how to kill my script to unlock the mode cleaner, I would.  But I sourced it, and Rob didn't know earlier this evening how to kill something which is started with 'source' since it doesn't seem to get a process number like when you './'  to run a script. So the Mode Cleaner will probably be unlocked in the morning, and it may be persnickity to get it relocked, especially if the tree people are doing tree things with giant trucks again in the morning.

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