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Entry  Wed Aug 5 15:33:05 2009, rob, alberto, DAQ, General, can't get trends 
    Reply  Thu Aug 6 09:22:17 2009, Alberto, DAQ, General, can't get trends 
Message ID: 1836     Entry time: Wed Aug 5 15:33:05 2009     Reply to this: 1841
Author: rob, alberto 
Type: DAQ 
Category: General 
Subject: can't get trends 

We can't read minute trends from either Dataviewer or loadLIGOData from before 11am this morning. 


fb:/frames>du -skh minute-trend-frames/
 106G   minute-trend-frames

So the frames are still on the disk.  We just can't get them with our usual tools (NDS).


 Trying to read 60 days of minute trends from C1:PSL-PMC_TRANSPD yields:

Connecting to NDS Server fb40m (TCP port 8088)
Connecting.... done
258.0 minutes of trend displayed
read(); errno=9
read(); errno=9
T0=09-06-06-22-34-02; Length=5184000 (s)
No data output.


Trying to read 3 seconds of full data works.

Second trends are readable after about 4am UTC this morning, which is about 9 pm last night.


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