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Entry  Wed Jul 15 14:42:31 2009, Zach, Update, Cameras, GigE Phase Camera fig1koji.pdf
    Reply  Wed Jul 15 18:22:15 2009, Koji, Update, Cameras, Re: GigE Phase Camera 
Message ID: 1753     Entry time: Wed Jul 15 18:22:15 2009     In reply to: 1751
Author: Koji 
Type: Update 
Category: Cameras 
Subject: Re: GigE Phase Camera 


Koji recommended that we use the optical setup pictured below.  Although it uses fewer optics, I can't think of a way to test the phase camera using this configuration because any modulation of the wavefront with a lens or whatever would be automatically corrected for in the PLL so I think I'll have to stick with the old configuration.

I talked with Zach. So this is just a note for the others.

The setup I suggested was totally equivalent with the setup proposed in the entry, except that the PLL PD sees not only 29.501MHz, but also 1kHz and 59.001MHz. These additional beating are excluded by the PD and the PLL servo. In any case the beating at 1kHz is present at the camera. So if you play with the beamsplitter alignment you will see not only the perfect Gaussian picture, but also distorted picture which is resulted by mismatching of the two wave fronts. That's the fun part!

The point is that you can get an equivalent type of the test with fewer optics and fewer efforts. Particularly, I guess the setup would not be the final goal. So, these features would be nice for you.

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