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Message ID: 17112     Entry time: Mon Aug 29 18:25:12 2022
Author: Cici 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: Taking finer measurements of the actuator transfer function 

Took finer measurements of the x-arm aux laser actuator tranfer function (10 kHz - 1 MHz, 1024 pts/decade) using the Moku.


I took finer measurements using the moku by splitting the measurement into 4 sections (10 - 32 (~10^4.5) kHz, 32 - 100 kHz, 100 - 320 kHz, 320 - 1000 kHz) and then grouping them together. I took 25 measurements of each ( + a bonus in case my counting was off), plotted them in the attached notebook, and calculated/plotted the standard deviation of the magnitude (normalized for DC offset). Could not upload to the ELOG as .pdf, but the pdf's are in the .zip file.


Next steps are to do the same stdev calculation for phase, which shouldn't take long, and to use the vectfit of this better data to create a PZT inversion filter.

Attachment 1: PZT_TF_fine.png  432 kB  Uploaded Mon Aug 29 19:40:27 2022  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: PZT_TF_fine_mag_stdev.png  231 kB  Uploaded Mon Aug 29 19:40:32 2022  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 3: ATF_fine.zip  2.205 MB  Uploaded Mon Aug 29 19:41:06 2022
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