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Message ID: 17095     Entry time: Fri Aug 19 15:36:10 2022
Author: Koji 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: SR785 C21593 CHA+ BNC broken 

When Juan and I were working on the suspension measurement, I found that CHA didn't settle down well.

I inspected and found that CHA's + input seemed broken and physically flaky. For Juan's measurements, I plugged + channels (for CHA/B) and used - channels as an input. This seemed work but I wasn't sure the SR functioned as expected in terms of the noise level.

We need to inspect the inputs a bit more carefully and send it back to SRS if necessary.

How many SR785's do we have in the lab right now? And the measurement instruments like SR785 are still the heart of our lab, please be kind...

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